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> Convector Heaters

Electric Convector Heaters provide rapid warm up and can be portable or wall mounted. They offer a low cost heating solution for topping up an existing system in severe weather, or for when the unexpected happens.
> Multi-Purpose Heaters

Utility heaters for horticultural and others uses providing invaluable effective heating and frost protection in conservatories and similar applications such as caravans, boats, garages, sheds etc
> Panel Heaters

Wall mounted electric panel convector heaters are ideal for whole house heating systems and ideal for main or secondary heating in conservatories, extensions etc
> Tubular Heaters

Tubular Electric Heaters are ideal for conservatory heating or in greenhouses, airing cupboards, yachts, boats, caravans workshops, kennels etc or in any application requiring low background heating and frost protection
> Air conditioning and warming

Koolbreeze Portable Air Conditioners with hot or cool climate control for all year use!
Dealec - > Heating - > Conservatory Heaters and Heating
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