> Fan Heaters

> Fan Heaters

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> Kitchen and Bathroom Downflow Heaters

A comprehensive range of kitchen and bathroom downflow heaters, the popular choice for heating bathrooms as well as kitchens and en suites.
> High Level Fan Heaters

CEH and Claudgen high level fan heaters designed for general space heating applications where high level mounting is required. Perfect for shops, offices and restaurants, warehouses etc, requiring discreet background heat.
> Wall Mounted Fan Heaters

Wall Mounted Fan Heaters - compact and easy to install, these heaters provide a welcoming curtain of warmth in locations such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens, garages and conservatories.
> Portable Commercial Fan Heaters

A range of robust protable fan heaters suited to general purpose commercial and light industrial applications.
> Commercial Wall Mounted Fan Heaters

Wall mounted fan heaters for use in commercial settings.
> Drop-in Floor Fan Heaters

A drop in floor fan heater for anti condensation or down draft heating below windows or in open plan areas.
> Air Curtains & Over Door Heaters

Air curtains provide a multi-directional, powerful curtain of warm air above the entrance to shops, offices and almost any small doorway. As they warm the door entrance area, they often allow doors to remain open for longer promoting increased business.
> Ceiling Fan Heaters

Ceiling heaters can be installed as the main or supplementary heating in shops, reception areas, toilets etc. Locating the units in positions of greatest heat loss gives an easy solution to uneven heating of open plan areas.
> Base Unit Fan Heaters

Base Unit (Kickspace) Heaters are designed to fit neatly and unobtrusively into fitted furniture, display units, fascias or false walls. They are ideal for incorporating into the plinths of kitchen units, bedroom base units, reception counters, shop displays or even stair risers.
Dealec - > Heating - > Fan Heaters
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