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Silent fans including the Simply Silent range from Xpelair and the Vent Axia Silent Fan Range.

A selection of axial and centrifugal wall, window and ceiling bathroom and shower ventilation fans with optional timers, humidity control and pull cord operation. Ceiling fan lights and inline fan units. SELV fans for showers and wet rooms. Sauna fans. Select from MMotors, Vent-Axia, Vortice and Xpelair.

Axial and Centrifugal ceiling fans suitable for mounting in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, utility rooms, toilets and elsewhere around the home or for commercial applications in offices, shops, store rooms, schools, hotels, restaurants etc. Select from Vent-Axia, Vortice and Xpelair.

Ceiling sweep fans offer a cooling option in summer and are ideal for re-directing warm air downwards in winter. Ideal for improving the environment in offices, stores, shops, schools, hospitals, kitchens, restaurants etc plus many other industrial or domestic situations. Select from Vent-Axia, and Xpelair.

A range of commercial window, wall and roof fans, panel fans, inline duct fans, professional kitchen canopies and extractors, plate fans, attenuated inline fans, externally mounted wall fans, chimney fans and industrial roof fans. Select from Vent-Axia, Vortice and Xpelair.

Fans equipped to prevent or combat the problems caused by high humidity levels and condensation. Trickle fans and fans fitted with humidity sensors, and timers for installation in toilets, bathrooms, showers, kitchen and utility rooms etc Positive ventilation units, whole house ventilation and heat recovery systems. Select from MMotors, Vent-Axia, Vortice and Xpelair.

Desk, wall, pedestal and tower fans ideal for cooling around the home and office

Inline extractor fans are ideal for flexible or rigid duct mounted ventilation systems requiring a high pressure, good airflows and low noise levels. Ideally suited for applications where unobtrusive ducted ventilation is required. Select from MMotors, Vent-Axia, Vortice and Xpelair.

Electric and hydronic inline duct heaters. Duct sizes ranging from 100mm - 315mm.

For many households the kitchen is the busiest room in the home so keeping the air fresh and pleasant is important. Choose from a selection of axial window and wall fans, centrifugal wall and duct fans, cooker hoods and canopies, inline duct fans etc. Fans offering continuous ventilation, boost facilities, overrun timers, humidity sensors etc. Select from Vent-Axia, Vortice and Xpelair.

Good ventilation is as important for the premises we live and work in, as fresh air is a necessity for our good health. Positive pressure ventilation introduces a constant flow of dry fresh air into the home which forces air laden with moisture and contaminants out through natural leakage points. Select from MMotors, Vent-Axia and Xpelair.

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Roof mounted fans and ventilation units suitable for domestic or commercial applications from Vent-Axia, Xpelair and Vortice including Vent-Axia T-Series and Lo-Carbon T-Series, Vortice Vario and Xpelair RX ranges

SELV Low Voltage fan lights suitable for mounting over a bath or shower cubicle. Various options available with a selection of diffusers in different finishes. Select from Vent-Axia, Vortice and Xpelair.

Single room heat recovery units designed to provide balanced ventilation with heat recovery in bathrooms, toilets, shower rooms and other wet areas; kitchens, utility rooms, lounges etc. Includes larger commercial units designed for continuous operation in function rooms, swimming pools, offices, classrooms, computer rooms, health & leisure facilites etc. Select from Vent-Axia and Xpelair.

A selection of axial and centrifugal wall, window and ceiling fans with optional timers, humidity control and pull cord operation. SELV fans for installation in showers and wet rooms. Select from Vent-Axia, Vortice and Xpelair.

A selection of powerful axial fans for window mounting in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms etc or in commercial applications such as offices, shops, schools, restaurants, pubs, workshops, factories etc. Select from Vent-Axia, Vortice and Xpelair.

Window fans with or without pull cord for use in toilets, bathrooms, kitchens at home or in commercial applications within offices, restaurants, schools, shops etc. Select from Vent-Axia, Vortice and Xpelair.

Wholehouse heat recovery ventilation units from Vent-Axia, Greenwood, Itho, Titon, Vortice, Xpelair and Zehnder. Wholehouse ventilation units quietly remove stale and damp air from areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, utilities etc. Heat recovery units also remove the stale and damp air but replace it with fresh warm air piped to other living areas

Compare central extract wholehouse ventilation systems without heat recovery from Heatrae-Itho, Vent-Axia, Vortice and Xpelair

Flexible, rigid and thermal ducting, splitters, reducers, grilles and shutters. Extract grilles, ceiling inlet and extract valves, back draught shutters and condensation traps etc designed to assist your installation

Dealec - > Fans and Ventilation
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