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Atlantic Accessio, Galapagos, Oniris, Tatou radiant panel heaters
> Designer Panel Heaters

Atlantic Accessio, Galapagos, Tatou, and Oniris, and the Consort PLE Panel Heaters.
> Panel Heaters

Wall mounted electric panel convector heaters are ideal for whole house heating systems or for main or secondary heating in bedrooms, conservatories, extensions etc
> Electric Radiators

Electric radiators offer the benefits of full central heating without the need for any boiler or plumbing.
> Base Unit, Plinth or Kickspace Heaters

Base Unit (Kickspace) Heaters are designed to fit neatly and unobtrusively into fitted furniture, display units, fascias or false walls. They are ideal for incorporating into the plinths of kitchen units, bedroom base units, reception counters, shop displays or even stair risers.
> Towel Rails

Towel rails provide the solution to year round drying and airing of towels in a wide variety of locations. Electric towel rails are a popular choice following home improvements such as extensions, refurbishments and en-suite bathrooms.
> Tubular and Multi-Purpose Heaters

Tubular and multi-purpose heaters are the perfect answer where background warmth and frost protection for domestic and commercial applications. Highly effective as window demisters and for horticultural use, providing invaluable heating and frost protection in.
> Air Warmers

Air warmers are extremely robust heaters designed for a wide range of industrial applications. Typical applications are to protect against frost and condensation in areas such as engine rooms, pump rooms, switch gear rooms, drying cabinets, etc.
> Air Curtains and Over Door Heaters

Air curtains provide a multi-directional, powerful curtain of warm air above the entrance to shops, offices and almost any small doorway. As they warm the door entrance area, they often allow doors to remain open for longer promoting increased business.
> Ceiling Heaters

Ceiling heaters can be installed as the main or supplementary heating in shops, reception areas, toilets etc. Locating the units in positions of greatest heat loss gives an easy solution to uneven heating of open plan areas.
> Convector Heaters

Electric Convector Heaters provide rapid warm up and can be portable or wall mounted. Ideal for use at home or work, convectors are available with a choice of loading, thermostats and time controls.
> Infra-red Heaters

Commercial Quartz and Ceramic infra-red heaters warm people not the air in churches, factories, workshops and in outdoor applications such as patios, terraces or outdoor smoking areas
> Conservatory Heaters and Heating

Conservatory heaters ranging from low profile panel heaters to free standing radiators, infra-red heaters, underfloor heating and air conditioners with hot or cool climate control
> Drop-in Floor Heaters

CIH drop-in floor fan heater CFD1500 for anti condensation or down draft heating below windows or in open plan areas in shops, reception areas, offices, atriums, stairwells etc
> Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are a versatile form of heating, providing quick warm up and good air circulation. Fan heaters are more compact than convector heaters and so are ideal space saving appliances.
> Frost Protection

Where effective background heat and frost protection is required tubular and multipurpose heaters offer the best solution
> Garden and Patio Heaters

A range of infra-red heaters designed for use in the garden or on the patio, including both quarts, and ceramic element heaters.
> High Level Wall Fan Heaters

CIH and Claudgen high level fan heaters designed for general space heating applications where high level mounting is required. Perfect for shops, offices and restaurants, warehouses etc, requiring discreet background heat.
> Low Surface Temperature Heaters

Ideal for nurseries, schools, hospitals, retirement homes and public areas, these low surface temperature, thermostatically controlled, very quiet fan heaters provide both a high level of safety and controllability.
> Bathroom Heaters

Downflow Fan Heaters, Panel Heaters, Towel Rails and Radiators suitable for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Utility Rooms and other wet areas
> Atlantic Tatou and Tatou Bath Radiant Panel Heaters

Atlantic Tatou Radiant Panel Heaters and Radiant Panel Heaters with Towel Rail.
> Wireless Controlled Heaters

Wireless controlled panel heaters, wireless low surface temperature heaters, wireless air curtains, high level fan heaters, commercial fan heaters, plinth and ceiling heaters
> Electric Central Heating

Wholehouse electric heating systems from Consort featuring central wireless control or Atlantic using the Cozytouch Bridge which allows WiFi control of compatible heaters from a mobile phone or tablet
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