> Positive Pressure Ventilation helps drive out damp, mould and condensation

> Positive Pressure Ventilation

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"Thank you for your help with my purchase of this unit. The parcel arrived last Thursday morning; and unit was fitted and working by Saturday tea time, and by Sunday evening our condensation problem was almost over."
TD - Suffolk

Positive Pressure or Positive Input Ventilation fans are generally loft mounted in a house or fitted within a cupboard in an apartment or basement.

They draw fresh air from atmosphere and push it into the dwelling via a ceiling or centrally mounted diffuser.

With a continuous supply of air into the dwelling it becomes positively pressurised forcing moisture and stale air out through the natural forms of ventilation, such as window mounted trickle vents.

This leaves the home free of high levels of humidity and creates an environment where condensation and mould can't form.

> Eco Fresh Positive Input Supply Ventilation Unit

Eco Fresh works silently and absorbs noise which can penetrate from the outside. Fresh air enters the room at room temperature even with an outside temperature of -25°C. Quiet and discrete the unit features a totally reliable double insulated electric motor.
> Vent Axia Freshvent Passive Air-input Vents

Vent Axia Freshvent 100 passive ventilators provide the effective ventilation needed for living in an indoor environment. Also used with positive pressure ventilation units to provide an important outlet for air circulating around the house.
> Xpelair Autoflow Passive Air-input Vents

Replacement double glazing can often lead to condensation problems. AutoFlow is a simple and neat passive ventilation unit designed for installation at high level through a wall. Self regulating, adjusting the airflow in relation to the outside temperature.
> Condensation and Humidity Control Fans

As an alternative to positive pressure ventilation view this selection of fans with built-in humidity sensors designed to help control condensation and humidty levels in toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, shower and utility rooms etc
> Central Extract Ventilation

As an alternative to Positive Pressure Ventilation, Central Extract Ventilation (MEV) is a proven way of ventilating new or exisiting dwellings and consists of a centrally located extraction unit ducted to extraction points in bathrooms, kitchens etc
Dealec - > Fans and Ventilation - > Positive Pressure Ventilation
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