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> Vent-Axia T-Series Roof Fans

Designing ventilation systems with the fan mounted in a skylight or flat roof is easy with T-Series roof models. With a low profile cowl, the T-Series roof model is suitable for installation in horizontal, angled and vertical glass and for fixing plates in roofs.
> Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon T-Series Roof Fans

High performance Lo-Carbon T-Series roof fans designed for installing in horizontal and angled glass and on fixing plates in roofs or in vertical windows and walls in exposed areas
> Vortice CA Roof Fans

Suitable for domestic, commercial and light industrial applications in factories, hospitals, discotheques, offices, theatres, gyms, restaurants etc
> Vortice TR-ED Flat Roof Fans

Vortice TR-ED centrifugal extractor fans for radial extraction of hot fumes easily fitted to any flat roof on commercial or industrial buildings, blocks of flats etc.
> Vortice Tiracamino Chimney Fan

Vortice 15000 Tiracamino Chimney Fan designed to draw out smoke from a fireplace but which can be used as a normal extractor fan when the fireplace is not in use
Dealec - > Fans and Ventilation - > Roof Fans
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