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> Vent-Axia T-Series Roof Fans

Designing ventilation systems with the fan mounted in a skylight or flat roof is easy with T-Series roof models. With a low profile cowl, the T-Series roof model is suitable for installation in horizontal, angled and vertical glass and for fixing plates in roofs.
> Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon T-Series Roof Fans

High performance Lo-Carbon T-Series roof fans designed for installing in horizontal and angled glass and on fixing plates in roofs or in vertical windows and walls in exposed areas
> Vortice Vario Range Roof Fans

Vortice Vario Range Axial Supply and Exhaust Fans with Manual or Automatic Shutters for domestic or commercial applications including shops, offices, cafes, sports centres, restaurants, public houses, schools, community halls etc
> Vortice CA Roof Fans

Suitable for domestic, commercial and light industrial applications in factories, hospitals, discotheques, offices, theatres, gyms, restaurants etc
> Vortice TR-ED Flat Roof Fans

Vortice TR-ED centrifugal extractor fans for radial extraction of hot fumes easily fitted to any flat roof on commercial or industrial buildings, blocks of flats etc.
> Vortice Tiracamino Chimney Fan

Vortice 15000 Tiracamino Chimney Fan designed to draw out smoke from a fireplace but which can be used as a normal extractor fan when the fireplace is not in use
Dealec - > Fans and Ventilation - > Roof Fans
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