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> Automatic Storage Heaters

Automatically controlled heat storage and energy consumption at the desired room temperature with up to 15% energy savings over manual models.
> Bathroom Storage Heaters

Compact versions of storage heaters for areas which are too small for traditional storage heaters such as bathrooms, cloakrooms and ensuites. They are also ideal to top up existing heating in cold spots, improving the overall comfort and efficiency of the system.
> Convector Storage Heaters

Convector storage heaters offer many of the benefits of traditional storage heaters with the addition of a built in 'top up' convector heater. Provides a continuous source of warmth primarily from cheap off peak electricity, with convector elements providing top up heating.
> Dimplex DuoHeat

The revolutionary DuoHeat Radiator provides warmth throughout the day whenever and wherever it is needed. DuoHeat is a totally flexible solution for individual room or whole house heating that`s both innovative and stylish.
> Dimplex Quantum

A new revolution in storage heating, the Dimplex Quantum turns the idea of storage heating on its head. Self governing storage heaters which can take advantage of all off-peak electricity, without relying on the standard storage heater tariff.
Dealec - > Heating - > Storage Heaters
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