Dimplex Storage Heaters

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Dimplex Quantum Heaters

Designed to give you more control, and efficiency over standard storage heaters. The Dimplex Quantum heater is the first in a range of products created to both save you money, and reduce your impact on the environment.
Dimplex XLN Manual Storage Heaters

Dimplex slimline storage heaters with manual input controls. The UK's slimmest and most popular storage heaters.
Dimplex XLS Automatic Storage Heaters

Dimplex Slimline storage heaters with twin sensor automatic input control.
Dimplex XL and XLS Extra Compact Storage Heaters

Extra compact solutions for use in bathrooms, cloakrooms, ensuites etc which were traditionally too small for storage heaters.
Dimplex CXLS Combined Storage Convector Heaters

Dimplex CXLS Combination storage heaters offer all the benefits of the popular XL and XLS ranges of storage heaters with the addition of a built in top-up convector heater.
Dimplex VFMi High Output Fan Storage Heaters

The Dimplex VFMi range of high output fan storage heaters to cope with the demands of larger environments and commercial premises.
Shelves and Accessories for Dimplex storage heaters

Available to suit Dimplex XL, XLS, CXL and FXL electric storage heaters.
Dealec - Heating - Dimplex Electric Heaters - Dimplex Storage Heaters
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