Dimplex Electric Heaters and Electric Heating

Dimplex Electric Heaters

Dealec - Heating - Dimplex Electric Heaters
Dimplex Quantum Range

Quantum energy efficient heating and water heating from Dimplex
Dimplex Air Curtains and Recessed Ceiling Heaters

Dimplex air curtains ideal for shops, offices and other commercial or industrial applications.
Dimplex Base Unit Heaters

Dimplex BFH Range Electric Kick Space Base Unit Heaters and BUH Range Hydronic Base Unit Heaters ideal for incorporating into plinths in kitchens, bedrooms, shop displays etc.
Dimplex Coldwatcher & Frostwatcher

Dimplex Coldwatcher & Frostwatcher Heaters for use where local heat or frost protection is required. ie. greenhouses, sheds, conservatories, caravans, kennels etc.
Dimplex DXC Convector Heaters

Dimplex DX Range Convector Heaters and the NEW Contrast and Latitude range of low profile heaters, the ideal source of portable heating around the the house
Dimplex DuoHeat Radiators

Dimplex DuoHeat Smarter Radiators Duo300n, Duo400n and Duo500n re-defining the way we think about electric heating.
Dimplex Electricaire Ducted Warm Air Systems

Dimplex Electricaire Warm Air Systems are now discontinued and no spare parts are available.

* Please call to discuss alternative electric heating solutions
Dimplex Fan Heaters

Dimplex wall mounted and portable fan heaters for use around the home or for commercial use in offices, warehouses, workshops etc.
Heatovent Air Warmers

Dimplex Heatovent HAW Range Electric Air Warmers and Heaters.
Dimplex Infrared Heaters

Dimplex IRX Infra-red Heaters for use in bathrooms, kitchens, work-areas etc or wherever fast localised heating is required.
Dimplex Oil Free Radiators

Dimplex Cadiz Eco and OFRC oil free radiators and heaters are not only lighter but more energy efficient than oil filled equivalents.
Dimplex Panel Heaters

Dimplex PLX, PLXE, EPX, LPP, LST, RPX, DXWLP, GFP, MFP and Q-Rad Panel Heaters ideal as supplementary heating or as a complete central heating system.
Dimplex Q-Rad Electric Radiators

The Quantum Q-Rad electric radiator is perfect for a wide range of applications thanks to its intelligent control system. Compliments Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater range
Dimplex Quartzray Heaters

Dimplex QXD and Vector Range Quartz infra red heaters with Dimplex CXD Ceramic Range Heaters and OPH Patio Heaters.
Dimplex Radiant Wall Fires

Dimplex Studio Range Radiant Wall Fires provide a comfortable source of instantaneous radiant heat just like the warmth of the sun.
Dimplex Storage Heaters

Dimplex XLS, CXLS, VFMi and Quantum Range Electric Night Storage Heaters and Radiators available for delivery throughout the UK.
Dimplex Towel Rails and Towel Rail Radiators

Dimplex TTRC, TTRS, S, CPT, BR, TDTR and APL Range Electric Towel Rails and Towel Rail Radiators offering a wide range of options for every bathroom
Dimplex Tubular Heaters

Dimplex ECOT Range Tubular Electric Heaters with thermostat ideal for greenhouses, airing cupboards, boats, caravans workshops, conservatories etc.
Dimplex Accessories

Accessories for Dimplex focal point fires. Including the HPD001 hearth pad, STP001 stove pipe, alternative fuel beds, and spacers.
Dealec - Heating - Dimplex Electric Heaters
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