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Recent Changes to the Consort Wireless System

Recent Changes to the Consort Wireless System

Consort have recently updated their wireless system to the new CRX system.

Although the new heaters and controllers are incompatible with the old, they will run along side the original CZC system to allow customers who already use the CZC compatible units to continue to replace, or upgrade their heating systems.

If you are unsure which system you currently have, click on the image matching your controller to be taken to the compatible heaters for your system.
Consort CZC System

The Consort's original wireless system, utilising the CZC controller, shown above.

  • PLW Range Panel Heaters
  • HE7010RF High Level Fan Heaters
  • WMHW3 Commercial Fan Heaters
  • PHW Range Plinth Heaters
  • HE7230RF Recessed Ceiling Heater
  • HE7245RF Recessed Ceiling Heater
  • HE7260RF Recessed Ceiling Heater
  • HE7237RF Surface Ceiling Heater
  • PLSTW Range LST Panel Heaters
  • CN1LSTW LST Heater
  • CN1MLSTW LST Heater
  • CN2LSTW LST Heater
  • CN2MLSTW LST Heater
  • LST500RF LST Panel Heater
  • LST800RF LST Panel Heater
  • RAC0603RF Recessed Air Curtain
  • RAC0604RF Recessed Air Curtain
  • RAC1006RF Recessed Air Curtain
  • RAC1306RF Recessed Air Curtain
  • HE7402RF Air Curtain
  • HE7420RF Air Curtain
  • HE7426RF Air Curtain
  • HE8320RF Air Curtain
  • CZC1 Controller
  • CZC2 Controller
  • CZC3 Controller

Consort CRX System

The Consort's new wireless system, utilising the CRX controller, shown above.
Use this system for new installs.

  • PRX Range Panel Heaters
  • HE7010RX High Level Fan Heater
  • WMH3RX Commercial Fan Heater
  • PHRX Range Plinth Heaters
  • HE7230RX Recessed Ceiling Fan Heater
  • HE7245RX Recessed Ceiling Fan Heater
  • HE7260RX Recessed Ceiling Fan Heater
  • HE7237RX Surface Ceiling Fan Heater
  • HE7247RX Surface Ceiling Fan Heater
  • HE7267RX Surface Ceiling Fan Heater
  • PLST100RX LST Panel Heater
  • PLST150RX LST Panel Heater
  • PLST150SSRX LST Panel Heater
  • CN1LSTRX LST Heater
  • CN1MLSTRX LST Heater
  • CN2LSTRX LST Heater
  • CN2MLSTRX LST Heater
  • LST500RX LST Panel Heater
  • LST800RX LST Panel Heater
  • RAC0603RX Recessed Air Curtain
  • RAC0604RX Recessed Air Curtain
  • RAC1006RX Recessed Air Curtain
  • RAC1306RX Recessed Air Curtain
  • HE7402RX Air Curtain
  • HE7420RX Air Curtain
  • HE7426RX Air Curtain
  • HE8320RX Air Curtain
  • CRX Controller
Dealec - Information - Helpful Information - Which Consort Wireless System Do I Have?
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