CEH Commercial Electric Heat

Commercial Electric Heat

Dealec - Heating - Commercial Electric Heat
CEH RCH Recessed Ceiling Heaters

RCH Recessed Ceiling Heaters are designed for installation into either a standard suspended grid or plasterboard ceiling, wherever there is sufficient space above to accommodate them.
CEH RCH Recessed Time and Temperature Heaters

RCH-TT Recessed Ceiling Heaters for use where multiple units need to be centrally controlled for time and temperature.
CEH RDH Recessed Over Door Heaters

RDH Recessed Over Door Heaters are designed for use above frequently opened doors to limit the loss of heated air and the ingress of cold air.
CEH HLH High Level Heaters

HLH High Level Heaters are designed for general space heating applications where a high level mounting heater is required.
CEH ODH Over Door Heaters

The ODH Over Door Heater is designed for use above frequently opened doors to limit the loss of heated air and the ingress of cold air.
CEH CUH Heavy Duty Heaters

Heavy duty unit heaters for horizontal or vertical mounting and ideal for heating larger areas such as warehouses, open plan stores, sports halls, factories and workshops.
CEH CFT Heavy Duty Tubular Heaters

A range of very robust tubular heaters for heating applications where a waterproof heavy duty convector heater is required.
CEH CQIR Quartz Infra Red Heaters

Radiant heaters designed as an efficient way of quickly heating large poorly insulated drafty buildings and ideal for warehouses, factories, garages, sports halls, churches etc.
CEH CFS Floor Level Convector Heaters

A range of low profile floor level convectors for inconspicuous perimeter heating in offices, meeting rooms, reception areas, under pew heating in churches and for frost protection.
CEH CCB Kickspace Heaters

The Kickspace or plinth heater provides concealed heating in shops, reception areas, kitchens and correctly sited, in bathrooms wherever space is available below cabinets or in soffits.
CEH CFD Floor Drop In Fan Heater

A drop in floor fan heater for anti condensation or down draft heating below windows or in open plan areas.
CEH CWD Recessed Fan Heaters

Fan forced wall insert heaters for those hard to heat places such as entrance lobbies, security gatehouses, checkout counters etc. Also available at 110V for site and mobile use.
CEH CQAC and CHDA Wall Mounted Fan Heaters

Robust fan heaters for commercial areas such as entrance lobbies, stairways, corridors and waiting rooms.
CEH CDF De-Stratification Fans

De-stratification fans are designed to mix air within high bay factories and warehouses bringing heated air back down to floor level
Dealec - Heating - Commercial Electric Heat
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