Consort Claudgen Electric Heating

Consort Claudgen Electric Heaters

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Panel Heaters

Consort wall mounted panel heaters in white, stainless steel and black with thermostats, timers, electronic programmers and wireless control . Features NEW PLE Digital ErP Heaters.
* Includes Wireless Control Models
Heatflow and Fanfair Fan Heaters

Downflow heaters for bathrooms etc and a portable 110v fan heater for site and other applications.

* Includes Wireless Control Models
High Level Fan Heaters

Heatzone High Level Fan Heaters suitable for a wide range of commercial applications in shops, warehouses etc.

* Includes Wireless Control Models
Commercial Fan Heaters

Wall mounted fan heaters suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, now with wireless remote control option.

* Includes Wireless Control Models
Intelligent Warehouse Heaters

Designed to provide heat in large areas with a 'heat throw' up to 11m these intelligent fan control heaters adjust the fan speed relative to the room's current temperature in order to achieve an immediate warm airflow
Plinth Heaters

Consort Heatstream. Designed to provide instant heat where space is at a premium yet effective heating is required in Kitchens, under display shelving in shops or in reception areas.
* Includes Wireless Control Models
Towel Rails

Consort Toweldry Towel Rails for toilets, bathrooms, kitchens etc and the LTR500 500w Ladder Towel Rail
Frost Fighters

A tough range of splashproof utility heaters ideal for use in lofts, boats, greenhouses, garages, caravans, toilets and cellars etc.
Air Curtains

Consort-Claudgen Screenzone Air Curtains for use where frequently opened external doors cause draughts and unnecessary heat loss.
* Includes Wireless Control Models
Ceiling Heaters

Recessed and Surface Mounting Ceiling heaters ideal for shops and offices and other commercial applications.
* Includes Wireless Control Models
Radiant Heaters

Quartzzone Quartz Halogen Radiant Heaters with Ceramiczone Ceramic Element Radiant Heaters, Twinzone and Sunzone Radiant Heaters.
CN & CSL Low Surface Temperature Heaters and Towel Rails

Consort CN and CSL LST Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heaters and TRF30 Towel Rail.
* Includes Wireless Control Models
LST Low Surface Temperature Heaters and Towel Rails

Ideal for nurseries, hospitals and retirement homes, these Consort low surface temperature, thermostatically controlled, silent panel heaters provide a high level of safety and controlability.
* Includes Wireless Control Models
LSTE Low Surface Temperature Heaters

Slimline heaters with concealed electronic thermostat and 7-day timer designed with a maximum surface temperature of 43°C, complying with NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes to minimise the risk of burn injuries.
PLSTiE Low Surface Temperature Heaters

Consort 1kW and 1.5kW Low Surface Temperature Panel Fan Heaters in White or Stainless fitted with Electronic 7 Day Timers and Thermostats
CRX2 Wireless Controller

The new CRX2 is Consort's latest wireless control system. If you do not currently have a Consort wireless system, or already have a CRX1 or CRX2 controller (see image), this is the system to select.
MRX1 Multi-Zone Wireless Controller

The Consort MRX1 Multizone wireless controller allows home or commercial property owners to separately control temperatures in up to eight heating zones in conjunction with CRX2 Controller
RXLC Landlord Control Heating System

Consort Claudgen's RXLC Wireless Landlord Control Heating System is an ideal heating system for student accommodation, hotels, rest homes or anywhere a central control unit is required to control multiple heaters in a building
CRX Wireless System

Consort ErP compliant CRX Wireless Heating System. A range of single and multi zone wireless controllers and heaters.

* All CRX heaters require a separately purchased CRX controller. All CRX controllers can operate multiple heaters.
SL Wireless System

New Consort-Claudgen ErP compliant SL Wireless System. A range of single zone wireless controllers and heaters.

* All SL heaters require a separately purchased SL controller. All SL controllers can operate multiple SL heaters.
RXREC Wireless Receiver

Consort Claudgen's RXREC is a receiver unit that enables certain heaters usually controlled by a remote switch to be wirelessly controlled by a CRX2 Wireless Controller (supplied separately).
SLREC Wireless Control Conversion Receiver

Consort Claudgen's SLREC is a receiver unit that enables compatible heaters to be wirelessly controlled by an SL Range Wireless Controller (supplied separately).
Other Consort Claudgen Controllers

Energy saving PIR controls, the Touchstat heating controller and QSC Softstart control for Quartz Heating.
Replacement CZC Items

Heaters designed to work with the Consort CZC system. If your systems uses the CZC controllers (see image), these heaters will work with your system.
Note: CZC and CRX Systems are not compatible
Dealec - Heating - Consort Claudgen Electric Heaters
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