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Dealec - Fly Killers - P+L Pelsis Insect-O-Cutor Fly Killers
Fly Killer Selection Help
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Fly Killer Selection Help

Deciding which fly killer suits your application is never easy, so our
Fly Killer Selection Chart
will help you decide.

To buy replacement lamps for your existing fly killers check here

To buy replacement Glue-Boards for Insect-o-Cutor Glueboard fly killers check here

Fly Facts

To digest their food, flies vomit on it...

They can carry up to 6,000,000 bacteria on their feet and go back and forth between filth and food.

Musca Domestica (the house fly) lays 600 to 1000 eggs in two months.

About twelve generations of flies are produced each year.
Pest-Stop Fly Killers

Pest-Stop high quality pest control products.
Insect-O-Cutor Prism Fly Killer

NEW for 2017
The Prism Glueboard Fly Killer from Insect-O-Cutor - A decorative yet discreet domestic fly killer with a stylish modern aluminium finish. Covers up to 30sq.m
Insect-O-Cutor Halo Glueboard Fly Killer Range

Insectocutor's Halo range offer a glueboard trap method with a colourful twist.
Covers up to 80sq.m
Insect-O-Cutor Exocutor Fly Killers

As the biggest selling range of electronic fly killers in Europe, Exocutor is ideal for any environment where a quality electronic fly killer is required to assist household or commercial pest control. Covers up to 280sq.m
Insect-O-Cutor PlusZap Fly Killers

Insectocutor PlusZap domestic and commercial fly killers covering up to 80sq.m featuring a contemporary design with high specification for commercial environments.
Insect-O-Cutor Commercial Fly Killers

Insectocutor commercial fly killers for small to large retailers, kitchens and other food preparation areas from 45 to 160 Square Metres
Insect-O-Cutor Industrial Fly Killers

Insectocutor Industrial fly killers for commercial properties, factories, warehouses and food preparation areas from 120 to 240 Square Metres
Insect-O-Cutor Decorative Range Fly Killers

Insectocutor decorative range fly killers are designed to harmonise with dining room and hotel reception areas or other front of house applications up to 60sq.m
Insect-O-Cutor Glueboard Fly Killers

Insectocutor glueboard fly killers use UV light to attract flying insects to the unit, then use a glueboard to capture the insect. Glueboard fly killers are silent in operation and the glueboards can be replaced. Cover up to 240sq.m
Insect-O-Cutor Specialist Fly Killers

Insectocutor EX55, FTC30, FTC40, FTC80 and Excalibur specialist fly killers and the Nectar Fly and Wasp killer. Suitable for potentially explosive areas and splashproof to IP65. Coverage up to240sq.m
Insect-O-Cutor Replacement Glueboards

Replacement glueboards for P+L Insectocutor range fly killers.
Insectocutor Lamps

Replacement Tubes and Lamps for P+L Insectocutor and other Fly Killers - Pluslamp, Philips and Synergetic. Includes linear, compact and circular lamps in both standard and shatterproof glass.
Dealec - Fly Killers - P+L Pelsis Insect-O-Cutor Fly Killers
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