Manrose Extractor Fans and Ventilation

Manrose Extractor Fans and Ventilation

Dealec - Ventilation - Manrose Extractor Fans and Ventilation
Showerlite Lights

Manrose showerlite fittings for use with inline fans suitable for installation in bathrooms, showers, toilets and kitchens etc
Extractor Fans

Manrose range of chrome finished fans is designed to compliment stylish bathrooms, toilets, washrooms, with an unobtrusive sleek design.
Inline Duct Fans

Manrose MixFlo range of powerful inline duct fans suitable for shower rooms, bathrooms and kitchens etc.
Heat Recovery Fans

A selection of heat recovery ventilation units suitable for bathrooms, domestic kitchens and utility rooms together with ducted units ideal for lofts or for installation above suspended ceilings in hotels, care homes etc
Ducting and Accessories

Round and Flat Channel Ducting and fittings for all types of ventilation systems including central extract and whole house heat recovery ventilation (MVHR). Sizes up to 200mm round and 220 x 90mm flat
Dealec - Ventilation - Manrose Extractor Fans and Ventilation
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