Vortice Extractor Fans and Heat Recovery Ventilation

Vortice Extractor Fans and Ventilation

Dealec - Ventilation - Vortice Extractor Fans and Ventilation
Vortice Punto Range

Vortice Punto Splashproof Axial Extract Fans designed to extract air either directly to the outside or into ducting up to 4m long from bathrooms, kitchens, toilets or utility rooms in domestic properties
Vortice Vort Quadro Range

Centrifugal Extractor Fans for wall or ceiling installation in bathrooms or kitchens etc with flush mounting version featuring optional side vents to enable air to be extracted from two different rooms
Vortice Punto Ghost

Vortice In-line axial extractor fans with or without timer supplied indivdually or in kit form complete with flexible duct, grilles, mounting bracket and pipe clamps. Ideal for toilets, bathrooms, showers etc
Vortice Ariett Recessed Range

Powerful yet quiet Centrifugal Extractor Fans to IPX4, for flush mounting in walls or ceilings in bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets, suitable for long duct runs
Vortice Ariett Range

Vortice Ariett wall or ceiling mounted centrifugal extractor fans, with IPX4 protection suitable for ducted installation from bathrooms, showers and toilets
Vortice Vort Micro Range

Wall or ceiling-mounted IPX4 rated centrifugal extractor fans providing continuous ventilation with boost facility and suitable for through the wall or ducted installation.
Vortice M10 Toilet Fans

Popular old style replacement M10 Range Wall Mounted Toilet Fans with timer (ideal if you would prefer to avoid disturbing your tiling)
Vortice Tiracamino Chimney Fans

Vortice Tiracamino chimney extract fan designed to draw smoke from a fireplace but which can be used as a normal extractor fan when the fireplace is not in use
Vortice Vort Penta MEV

Central Continuous Extract System designed to ensure regular, controlled healthy ventilation throughout the home whilst protecting against the damaging effects of condensation. Suitable for venting up to five rooms.
Vortice Lineo Range Inline Fans

Vortice Lineo inline mixed flow extractor fans are ideal for duct mounted ventilation systems requiring a high pressure, good airflows and low noise levels
Vortice CA Centrifugal External Duct Fans

Vortice CA external duct fans are the ideal solution for situations in which centralised extraction is required for more than one room but where the fan is better mounted externally
Vortice CA V0 Plastic Range

Vortice CA VO in-line centrifugal extractor fans for ventilation of pubs, restaurants, shops, workshops, offices, sports halls and canteens
Vortice CA Wall Fans

Vortice CA MD-E-W Wall Fans suitable for domestic, commercial and light industrial applications in factories, hospitals, discotheques, offices, theatres, gyms, restaurants etc
Vortice CA-MD Roof Fans

Vortice CA-MD Roof Fans suitable for domestic, commercial and light industrial applications in factories, hospitals, discotheques, offices, theatres, gyms, restaurants etc
Vortice Vorticel A-E Range Compact Axial Plate Fans

Vortice Industrial plate mounted axial fans for direct extraction to the outside.
Vortice E Range Black Hub

Vortice Low-pressure industrial axial fans for direct extraction to the outside from garages, plant rooms, gyms, dry-cleaning establishments and wood-working shops, etc
Vortice MPC Long Cased Hub Axial Extractor Fans

Vortice MPC medium-pressure, axial, industrial extract fans for extracting into duct in storerooms, large areas, farm buildings, hot houses, underground parking facilities, etc
Vortice C Range

Vortice C Range industrial centrifugal extractor fans for oem applications or ducted installation in banks, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, halls, garages, hospitals, gyms, factories, warehouses etc
Vortice TR-ED Centrifugal Roof Fans

Industrial, centrifugal extractor fans for radial extraction of hot fumes easily fitted to any flat roof on commercial or industrial buildings and blocks of flats, etc.
* Available to special order only
Vortice Controllers and Accessories

Vortice branded ducting not listed can be ordered for you - Just call us for a price.
Vortice Replacement Heat Recovery Filters

Vortice 22321 F5 and 22323 F7 Replacement Filters for HR400 Heat Recovery Units. Vortice 22367 and 22368 Replacement Filters for HR200 Heat Recovery Units.
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